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Water Jasmine ( Wrightia Religiosa)


Test and Photos by I S Ng Malaysia

Common Name – Water Jasmine,Wild water jasmine,Sacred Buddhist,Anting putrid.
Scientific Name – Wrightia Religiosa
Family – Apocynaceae
Origin – Native to South East Asia
Malaysia – Wrightia regliosa was the material most often used for bonsai in Malaysia.
General Information – Wrightia Religiosa is a shrub or small tree growing to at most 20 feet and one and a half feet in diameter with the almost horizontal lateral branches creating an attractive layered appearance.Wrightia bonsai can be seen from mini size 150cm below.In south East Asia water jasmine is frequently found.
Wrightia bonsai designs can include virtually every type of design but lots of exposed root,and formal tiered canopies of leaves seem quite popular.Branches arrangements follow classical bonsai design.Wrightias are formed into upright,hollow trunk,forest,rock planted and every other conceivable style.The natural growth pattern of Wrightias is to produce many basal shoots so sprout,raft,and clump styles are quite logical and easily designed.
Appearance – It is a tropical shrub with twiggy branches,smooth gray bark and thin slightly hairy foliage,that is very easy to prune for any size and shap.Two leaves grow from one note on opposite sides of the stem.Leaves are simple,ovate,and pinnately veined.This tree it stays evergreen and blooms year round.
Flowering – Water jasmine blooms for a long time. It produces white,pendulous, frangrant flowers that are born along its twiggy branches. Flowers are followed by fruits that are paired,long green bean like pods.

In the tropics Wrightias are defoliated several times a year to produce smaller leaves and to increase twigging.Several weeks to one month before a show plants are defoliated,forcing the plant to refoliate and to be in complete flower for the display.The blooming period then lasts about two weeks.The flowers are white,pendulous,and fill a room with a very lovely fragrance.
Water Requirements – Requires regular watering, prefers moist but well drained soil. To avoid root rot not to allow it to sit in water.Never let the soil to dry out completely.
Insects and Diseases – Generaliy a health tree.Insects do not bother Wrightias to any significiant extent and insects infectation is cured with the usual treatments.Wrightias are not particularly sensitive or damaged by any of the usual insecticide sprays.
Propagation – By seed,branch and root cutting
Lighting – Full sun
Feeding – The tree likes to fed not fussy as to fertilizer type.Used a well balance fertilizer. Underfeeding will cause leaves to turn yellow.
Repotting – Repotting may be done every 2 to 3 years and roots may be trimmed heavily.

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