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Cucur Atap (Beackea Frutcences)

  1. curcuratap01Where cucur atap can be found?
    Cucur Atap(Beackea Frutcences) can be found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Sarawak. In Indonesia it is called Sapu-Sapu and Xiang Song in Taiwan. The best breed can be found in Malaysia specifically in Terengganu.
  2. How to remove it from the land?
    Beackea should be dig along with the soil so that the root will not dry up. Before replanting, it is best to remove the remaining soil on the roots so that there will be no other plant’s roots stuck along with it. Usually there will be termites nest at the base of the tree trunk, which also should be removed.
  3. What type of soil is suitable for Beackea?
    Any type of soil can be used for Beackea as long as they can hold moisture for a long time any kinds of soil can be used including volcanic soil. It is more suitable to use smoother soil to ensure the soil is well-mixed. For the trees that just been dug it is better to plant it using coarse river sand. After 6 month replace the sand with soil.
  4. When can the branches be shaped?
    Branch formation should be done while the branch is still small and young because Beackea quickly hardens when it matures. Wiring should be done in daylight and make sure you don’t plant water the plant before the wiring. Branch that is lush and watery are easily broken when it bend. The wire can be removed after 3 months depending on the plant’s fertility.
  5. When the shape of Beackea can be seen?

    Within three year the shape and the design can be seen but it is still not matured yet. To shape the apex we need to do some pruning when the leaves are long enough, about 1-2 centimeters.

  6. What kind of fertilizers is suitable for Beackea?
    All kinds of fertilizers can be used but it is recommended to use organic fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers require an adequate amount of water because the reaction is fast. Bonsai trees also need to be provided with vitamins or additional fertilizer. The common types of fertilizers used the sprayed one, for example B1 or Natural Bio Nutrients. The best time to spray is around 6-9 a.m or 6-8 p.m.
  7. When the soil needs to be changed?
    For continued fertility, it is recommended that the soil is changed for every 18 month. The soil can be removed entirely or be left 30%-40%. Make sure that the plant is trimmed first before repotting it. The best time to repot the plant is when the new shoot begins to grow. Make sure that you put the plant in shady place for 2 weeks.


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